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ABC: 8/26/2009 – 9/16/2009
A. Smith & Company Productions

Crash Course was a show which involved people driving cars through obstacle courses in an elimination tournament. This was a show meant to out best Wipeout but was cancelled after three out of four episodes were aired. (Keep in mind that this should not be confused wit the 1988 made-for-tv movie of the same name)


Five teams of two were revealed at the beginning (Siblings, Mother-Son, Best Friends, Single Moms, Roommates, Neighbors etc.). Round 1 had all five teams competing, for example, in car bowling, the team with the lowest amount of pins would be eliminated.

For Round 2, the four teams would tackle an even more difficult challenge, another example, in Catch Me If You Can, the teams would fight through barrels to get up on a platform. Some cars didn't make it and would fall upside-down sometimes. The team who didn't make it up as far or with the slowest time would be eliminated.

For Round 3, the three teams would fight against each other in a challenging course. For example, in Car Dominoes (as Orlando Jones would say, "DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!!"), the teams had to slam into exploding cars and the team that completed it in the slowest time would be eliminated.

In the final crash course, the two remaining teams would go through an almost impossible obstacle course. They would start by going through barrels and then through a pourdown of barrels and tubes. Then through Wreck Alley, where they would go through some exploding on-fire cars following a mud track. Then the teams would stop in front of a dead end and switch drivers while being sprayed by some intense water. Then they would back up and go through one of the garages with water barrels on the other side, then through Animal Crossing where they would have to look out for animals (as Orlando Jones would say "NOT REAL ANIMALS!"). Finally, they would go through a gate where fire would leap beside it and finish. The team with the faster time would win $50,000 and a golden steering wheel.


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