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Unsold Pilot for Daily Syndication: 10/1990
Innventures Television Distribution, Inc.

”From Television City in Hollywood, it’s Critical Decisions! With guest stars Michael Landon, Donna Mills, and William Shatner! And here’s the host of Critical Decisions, Eric Boardman!”

Critical Decisions was an unsold watch & win show where a hypothetical situation is presented and three celebrities and two contestants decide which of three responses to the situation is the most popular. And home viewers would have gotten in on the fun by dialing the toll-free number.


A video of a situation was played and then a question about the situation previous asked by Americans in a national poll was asked by host Boardman. Then the top three answers were then revealed, one being the answer to the video question. First the celebrity panel would each give their responses as to which is the right answer; then the two contestants secretly wager how much they're willing to bid on the question. The highest bidder got the question, at which point s/he made his/her own choice. When all was said and done, the rest of the video was played. Choosing the correct answer won the bid winner the wagered amount, but choosing an incorrect answer awarded the amount to the opponent; in addition, the celebrity or celebrities who choose the answer won the wagered amount for their favorite charities.


CBS Television City (Studio 42), Hollywood, California

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