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Unsold Pilots for Daily Syndication: Early 1966
Payne-Hitman Productions/Official Films

"And now, it's time to play CROSSWORD! Television's most intriguing new fun game that everyone can play. Starring George Fenneman, with today's guest stars: (celebrities' names here). And here he is, the Crossword master himself, George Fenneman!"

Crossword was an unsold series that was possibly the first attempt at a game show based around crossword puzzles.


Two teams of two (consisting of one celebrity and one contestant) faced a crossword puzzle in which some but not all of the words related to the identity of a mystery subject. The clue words were lit up on George's podium. A category to that subject was given in the center of the puzzle, and then players on one team took turns picking off crossword positions by number and direction (EX: 4 across, 13 down). Host Fenneman gave a clue to the chosen position and the player in control on the team in control took a guess. If he/she was right, their turn continued; they kept on playing until they solved the puzzle or missed a clue. If they missed a clue, control went over to the opposing team.

The first team to solve the puzzle won the round, and the first team to win two rounds won the game. The contestant of the winning team went on to play against the next player.

One word in the puzzle was dubbed the Bonus Word. When that word was chosen and the team got it correct, the contestant won a bonus prize. The position of the bonus word was displayed on the teams' podiums.



Pilot A had Carolyn Jones and Michael Landon as the celebrity guests, while Pilot B had Tippi Hedren and Paul Lynde.

During Pilot A, George plugs Carolyn as being from The Addams Family, which ended on April 8, 1966.

During Pilot B, George notes that Paul will soon be seen in the new Doris Day film Glass Bottom Boat (released June 9, 1966). He also notes that Tippi will be going to London "very soon" to do a new Charlie Chaplin movie with Marlon Brando and Sophia Loren; the film in question is A Countess from Hong Kong, which began shooting on January 25, 1966 and was released January 5, 1967.

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