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Title Genre
D.B.'s Delight Childrens
DJ Games Reality
Daily Dilemmas Radio
Daisy of Love Dating
Dale con Ganas Reality
Dale Replay Quiz, Themed (Popular Culture)
Damage Control Comedy
Dame la Pista Puzzle
Dance 360 Variety
Dance Battle America Variety
Dance Cam Slam Variety
Dance Fever Variety
Dance Machine Variety
Dance Revolution Variety
Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann Variety
Dance Your Ass Off Variety
Dancing Fools Variety
Dancing with the Stars Variety
Dancing with the Stars Juniors Childrens, Variety
Darts for Dough Radio
Date My Mom Dating
Date Plate Dating
Dating Factory Dating
The Dating Game Dating
Dating in the Dark Dating
Dating Naked Dating
Deadliest Job Interview Reality
Deal or No Deal Gambling
Deal With It Reality (Comedy)
Dealer's Choice Gambling
Debt Lifestyle, General Knowledge
Decades Quiz, General Knowledge
Decisions Decisions Quiz, General Knowledge
Deep Fried Masters Cooking
Desafio: La Gran Batalla Reality
Design Squad Reality, Childrens
Design Squad Nation Reality, Childrens, Spinoff
Design Wars Reality
Designated Hitter Quiz, Themed (Sports)
Dessert Games Food
Destination Stardom Variety
Destiny Pilot
Destroy Build Destroy Childrens
Detect and Collect Radio
Detective School Mystery
The Diamond Head Game Stunts, General Knowledge
Dining with the Dean Food
Dinner: Impossible Cooking
Dinner Takes All (1) Cooking
Dinner Takes All (2) Cooking
Dirty Rotten Cheater Quiz, General Knowledge
Disaster Date Dating
Discovery Kids Zap It! Childrens
Dishmantled Cooking
Dismissed Dating
Disney Channel Games Childrens
Disney Channel's 3 Minute Game Show Childrens
Disney Channel's 60 Second Game Show Childrens
Disney Channel's New Year's Sing-Along Bowlathon Childrens, Specials
Disney Channel's New Years Star Showdown Childrens, Specials
Disney Fam Jam Childrens, Variety
Disney's Friends for Change Games Childrens
Disney's Win, Lose or Draw Childrens
Distraction Stunts & Dares
Divided Quiz, General Knowledge
Do You Know? Themed Quiz
Do You Trust Me? Lying
Do You Trust Your Wife? Relationship
The Dr. Fad Show Childrens
Dr. I.Q. Quiz, General Knowledge
Dr. I.Q. Jr. Quiz, General Knowledge, Childrens
Dr. Pepper Treasure Hunt Of The Air Radio
Dr. Pepper's Fireside Phone Quiz Radio
Dodgeball Thunderdome
Dog Eat Dog Stunts & Dares
Dog Park Superstars Special
Dollar A Second Stunts & Dares
Dollars for Breakfast Radio, Quiz
Don Adams' Screen Test Stunts & Dares
Don't Stunts & Dares
Don't Forget the Lyrics! Music
Don't Forget Your Toothbrush Stunts & Dares
Don't Spit the Water! Comedy
Donald J. Trump Presents The Ultimate Merger Dating
Dotto Puzzle
Double Cross Quiz, General Knowledge
Double Dare (1) Quiz, General Knowledge
Double Dare (2) Childrens
Double Dare 2000 Family Game
Double Down Quiz, Academic, Regional, (New York)
Double Exposure Puzzle
Double or Nothing Gambling
Double Play Pilot
Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D & Vinny
A Double Shot at Love with the Ikki Twins Spinoff
Double Talk Puzzle, Word Association
Double Up (1) Puzzle
Double Up (2) Childrens
Doubles Poker Championship Poker
Dough Re Mi (1) Radio, Quiz, Themed (Music)
Dough Re Mi (2) Quiz, Themed (Music)
Down You Go Puzzle
Downfall General Knowledge
Draw Me a Laugh Drawing
Draw Something Drawing
Draw to Win Drawing
Dream Girl of '67 Lifestyle
Dream Girl USA Lifestyle
Dream House Quiz, General Knowledge
Dream Job Reality
Dream League Quiz, Sports, Stunts & Dares
Drew Carey's Green Screen Show Variety
Drew Carey's Improv-A-Ganza Variety
Driven to Love Dating
Driver vs. Driver Sport
Droodles Drawing
Drop the Mic Reality (Music)
Dual Survival Reality
Dude, You're Screwed! Reality
Duel Quiz, General Knowledge
Duel in the Daytime Quiz, General Knowledge
Dueling for Playmates Stunts & Dares
Duetos Variety
Duets Variety
Duff Till Dawn Cooking
The Dunk King Sport