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Dan Pawson
Name: Dan Pawson
Known for: 9-time Jeopardy! champion and S25 ToC winner


Dan Pawson is the Jeopardy 9th straight champion and S25 ToC winner.

Activity history[]

He earned $170,902 from his nine straight victories in regular games. In particular, after Kevin Marshell, who won 6 consecutive games, he became the champion with more than 6 consecutive wins in 370 games.

In ToC, she competed against Larissa Kelly and Aaron Schroeder to become the ToC winner, and in Battle of the Decades she even made it through the qualifiers.


  • He is the champion ToC winner with more than 6 consecutive victories.
  • He isn't the top seed of the ToC leaderboard is among participants that is the highest regular game prize money (Larissa Kelly (6x) - $222,597 > Dan Pawson (9x) - $170,902)[1].
  • It is the best record among the contestants who came from behind in 3rd place.
  • The first player to win under $1,000 (7th game, $200) among champions with 6 or more wins in a row[2].
  • Until James Holzhauer of S36 came out, he was the longest winning streak among ToC winners, like S34 ToC winner Buzzy Cohen.


  1. If nothing goes wrong, Amy Schneider will set the same record (Matt Amodio (38x) - $1,518,601 > Amy Schneider (40x) - $1,382,800).
  2. In 2022, 6-times champ Megan Wachspress won a fifth game for $401.