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Syndication (Weekly): 1/13/1979 – 9/5/1987
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ABC Family (Weekly): 7/13/2003 – 8/24/2003
Merv Griffin Enterprises/Anthony Productions (1979–1987)
Merv Griffin Entertainment/Bob Bain Productions/Nash Entertainment (2003)
Syndication Distributor
20th Century Fox Television

Dance Fever was a weekly musical variety dance show. A competition to see who is the best dancer for a chance to win cash and prizes.


1979–1987 version

Each week, four dancing couples competed for a weekly cash prize of $1,000; Each couple performed their dance routine for a total of two minutes and the celebrity judges scored them anywhere between 70 and 100 points. The couple with the highest total score were the winners and advance to the next round of competition. In the event of a tie, one set of celebrity scores was dropped in an effort to decide the winner; every fifth week was a semi-final show where those winning couples from the last four weeks competed for $5,000.

At the end of the 25-week competition, the five semi-final winners all came back to face off in the show's annual Grand Prix Finals for cash and prizes worth over $25,000 which included two brand new cars (one for each member of the winning dance team). In September 1984, the grand prize package was raised to $50,000.

Each week, except for the year-end Grand Prix Finals, the show also featured a segment in which some of the top disco, pop or R&B artists of the day would perform their latest hit.

2003 Version

This time, solo dancers or teams of two to four competed. And for the first time around, each season's winners could receive as much as $50,000; along with a chance at the grand prize of $100,000.

Dance Troope (Original Version)


Judges (2003 version)

MC Hammer
Carmen Electra
Jamie King


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BGM 1979 – "Boogie Motion" by Beautiful Band
Theme 1979 – "Dance Fever" by Triple S Connection
Open 1985 – "Living by the Beat" by Merv Griffin (also used as a prize cue for Wheel of Fortune)


Merv Griffin


Full Episode from November 30, 1981
Dance Fever commercial 1985

Christmas episode at The Museum of Classic Chicago Television
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