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Darts for Dough was a quiz show that combined knowledge with the game of Darts.


WFAA Dallas: 1943
ABC Radio (Weekly): 8/6/1944 – 12/25/1947


Orval Anderson


Stewart Dean


Bert Mitchell
Jill Mitchell (sub)


Frank Graham
Ted Meyers


Contestants were selected from the studio audience. By correctly answering a general knowledge question, they won three darts which they threw at a giant dartboard; an incorrect answer meant they still received the darts, but they had to do a forfeit stunt while throwing them. The dartboard contained circles with dollar amounts ranging from $2 to $16; the higher the dollar value, the smaller the circle. Landing three darts in the $16 circle meant a maximum payof of $48. At the end of the broadcast, all the contestants were brought together, given numbered darts, and competed in a one-shot-only toss at the bullseye for a grand prize of $100.