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Peter Tomarken (1995–1996)
Marianne Curan (1997–1998)
Sub Hosts
Dave Nemeth
Nancy Sullivan
Larry Anderson
Gene Wood
Gary Meeker
Ed MacKay
Dave Nemeth
Charlie O'Donnell (pilot)
Broadcast (Game Show Network (Daily))
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(Super Decades) 3/17/1997 – 10/2/1998

Decades (then later as Super Decades) was a short-lived game show airing between shows on GSN. People phoned in and had to answer questions using numbers on their keypads. The show was expanded to full length one year later and rebranded as "Super Decades".

Gameplay (Decades)[]

Two contestants played a game of answering questions in the form of decades. They were each given 30 seconds to answer as many questions as possible. On each question they had a choice of three consecutive numbers indicating which decade the event occurred. Their job was to simply press the right button for the right decade to score. The player with the most correct answers won the game & a prize. If there was a tie at the end, a tiebreaker question with a numerical answer was asked, and the player had to type in their answers. The player with the closest guess won.

Gameplay (Super Decades)[]

When the short game became a full length half-hour show, new rounds were added with the last one giving one player a chance to win a jackpot of prizes.

Round 1: Decades[]

The first round was played the same as the short version, except that it was played twice with two different pairs of players. The winners of each game went on to play Round 2 called "Dueling Decades".

Round 2: Dueling Decades[]

The round was played the same as before except that all questions came from one specific category which was chosen by a randomizer after a player stopped it by pressing "0". Whoever had the most correct answers at the end of this round won the game and went on to play "Final Decades" for an increasing jackpot prize package.

Final Decades[]

In the Final Decades round, the winning contestant selected one of three categories (one new category was added each day replacing the previously chosen one). Then that player had 45 seconds instead of 30 to answer six questions under that category. If he/she couldn't do that, they won a $25 gift certificate for each correct answer plus the right to return on the next show as champion to play again. But if the winning contestant did manage to get six right before time ran out, that player won the jackpot prize package and retired undefeated.


Game Show Network Studios, Culver City, CA


The pilot episode was taped on location at the Wheel of Fortune set.


"Get in the game!"


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Rules for Super Decades