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Curt Chaplin
Rick Stern
ESPN: 12/1/1993 – 3/31/1994
The William Carruthers Company

Designated Hitter was the four-month-old ESPN sports game show based on baseball.


Three contestants competed in a game of sports knowledge with elements of baseball in it.

Main Game[]

Round 1[]

Each player in turn selected five questions from four sports categories; three of which were three main sports (baseball, basketball & football), and the fourth was a "Curve Ball" category focusing on all other sports. Each category contained five questions: the first four questions were worth different amounts and were all jump-in toss-ups, but the fifth question was known as the "Pinch-Hit" question in which the amount was undisclosed, and only the player who chose it could answer.

Correct answers added the question's value to the total score of the player who answered right, but incorrect answers gave that player an "out"; any player who got three outs/three wrong answers lost $100 from their score. The two players with the highest scores advanced to Round 2; the 3rd place player was eliminated from the game.

Round 2[]

The two surviving players each selected one category to play. On each category, the players alternated turns answering a total of four questions in that category. When a player missed a question, the opponent had a chance to steal the question and money if he/she wanted to. The player with the most money at the end of this round won the game and the right to play the "Grand Slam" round for up to $3,000.


The payoffs were the same in both rounds, and here's how the players scored for correct answers:

Questions Term Value
Question #1 Single $25
Question #2 Double $50
Question #3 Triple $75
Question #4 Homer $100

In Round 1, the Pinch-Hit questions each had one of these values (one in each category), making the board worth a total of $1,250 (though the most one player could earn was $1,125).

Grand Slam (Bonus Round)[]

In the "Grand Slam" round, the day's winner was asked four questions (one from each category), each worth different amounts. Here are the payoffs for each question:

Questions Values
Question #1 $250
Question #2 $500
Question #3 $750
Question #4 $1,500

Correctly answering all four questions in this round awarded a total of $3,000.


Empire Studios, North Hollywood, CA


This was Curt Chaplin's second & last game show; his first was Grandstand. These days he's now the announcer on The People's Court. For 19 years he was the hallway interviewer; he has since passed the baton & microphone back to original host Doug Llewelyn.

YouTube Video[]

Billy Baker's 15 minutes of Shame, featuring a clip of his appearance on Designated Hitter