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Robert Irvine (Seasons 1-4, 6-8)
Michael Symon (Season 5)
Dinner Impossible logo.jpg
Food Network: 1/24/07 - 5/24/11
Marc Summers Productions
Shooters Post & Transfer Television Productions

Dinner: Impossible was a reality cooking challenge game show.


The chef (Irvine or Symon) is given a mission by somebody. The mission is to make a lunch/dinner in less than whatever hours the person says to do it in. There is a team of people who have to cook all of this food in less than those hours the person says. There is also a countdown timer on screen to indicate how much time is left. If the team completes all the food in less than those hours, they win the game and give the food to those people. If the team fails, they lose the game and still serve the food anyways. Either way, win or lose, the chef (Irvine or Simon) still thanks the guests and meets most of them.


Restaurant: Impossible - a similar premise to Dinner but they have to renovate a failing restaurant