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Disaster Date.png
MTV: 9/28/2009-7/18/2011
495 Productions

Disaster Date was a hilarious hidden camera dating show that puts unsuspecting singles on the worst blind date of their lives. and it all comes courtesy of a best friend looking for payback.


Each episode usually has three separate dates. Each blind date is set up by the participant's friend (who usually gives a back story about the participant) along with three things that they hate. From there, they go on a date with an undercover actor, who exhibits the three things that the participant hates. Each date lasts 60 minutes, and for every minute the person lasts, they earn one dollar. If they last for the entire date, they earn a full 60 dollars. If the participant walks out on the date early or the date reaches 60 minutes, the actor will reveal the ruse and present them with the money. AND CookieWorldc played it so its GOOD


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