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(Sneak Peek Episode): 1/14/2014
(Full Series): 3/3/2014 - 5/21/2014
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Disney's Win, Lose or Draw (or Disney Win, Lose or Draw) was a short-lived semi-revival of both Win, Lose or Draw and Teen Win, Lose or Draw that played very differently from the two other previous versions.[1][2]


Each team consisted of two kids (i.e. siblings of best friends) and a Disney Channel star. In between rounds, the stars switched teams. This version used touch screens instead of the old pen and paper. Also the drawer had a small amount of time to draw any one picture. When the time was up (or if the drawer wrote part of the answer) a big red "X" appeared on the screen. And when the right word/phrase was given, the word "correct" appeared in green. Each team received a packet of nine answers.

Main Game[]

Round 1: Get a Clue[]

Two players would draw as many words as they could in 90 seconds. One person would draw on one touch screen while at one point, the drawing moved to another screen causing the other player to draw. Willman would give up to three clues to the word while drawing. Each correct answer was worth 10 points. Players switched positions after every drawing.

Round 2: DRAW-stacle Course[]

Each player took turns drawing on each touch screen. Correct answers were still worth 10 points. Each screen had a special purpose:

  • Drawing in the Dark – The player would draw while wearing a visor that makes it hard to see.
  • Noodle Doodle – The player would draw a with pool noodle-like stylus.
  • Art Thief – At one point, the drawing disappeared, forcing the player to start again.
  • Bug Eyes – The player would draw while wearing special glasses that make one image look like a million images.
  • Shake, Rattle And Draw – The player would draw while standing on a device that shakes.
  • Spin Cycle – The drawing would spin around constantly to annoy the drawer.
  • Skull-Astration – The player would draw while wearing a special headdress with a pen on it.
  • Unbalanced Artist – The player would draw while standing on a teeter-totter.
  • Supersized Stylus – The player would draw a with giant pen-like stylus.
  • Don't Lift A Finger – The drawing disappeared if the player lifted their finger off the screen.
  • Strange Stylus – The player would draw with a random object.

Round 3: Fill in the Blank[]

Like in the last round, this round was played with a single drawer but with a single picture this time; but as always, they took turns. On each puzzle, Justin gave a sentence with a word or a phrase missing. The drawer in control would draw that missing answer and the guessers tried to guess what it was. Each correct answer was worth double or 20 points, so up to 180 points could be earned.

The team with the most points at the end of the game were the winners and would play the bonus round. If the game ended in a tie, host Willman would draw one picture himself; as soon as a team knew what he was drawing, they had to buzz-in. A right answer won the game, but a wrong answer gave the opponents the win.

Bonus Round[]

Each player from the winning team, along with both celebrities would take turns drawing in this round. There were different ways of playing the bonus round:

  • Sit & Spin – Players would draw while sitting on a revolving chair.
  • The Wand – The player would draw in the air using a wand-like stylus.
  • Follow Your Art – Drawings would swap from one screen to another, making the drawing player follow that drawing to that screen.

The winning team had to get up to four words under 90 seconds. The team could pass, but they couldn't go back to the word. Each word they got right earned them a prize which could be chosen from a set of four boxes after the bonus round. One of the prizes was a Samsung Galaxy Tablet.

Other Versions[]

Win, Lose or Draw - The original adult version that ran on NBC and Syndication in 1987.
Teen Win, Lose or Draw - The original kids version that also ran on Disney Channel in 1989.


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Based on Win, Lose or Draw by Bert Convy and Burt Reynolds.


Bert Convy's daughter Jennifer Convy was one of the executive producers on this show.



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