Disney Channel's 3 Minute Game Show was a three minute game show that aired in between Disney Channel shows.


Disney Channel: 10/8/2007 - 10/20/2010


Monique Coleman (2007)
Meaghan Jette Martin (2008)
David Hernie (2008-2009)
Jason Earles and Alyson Stoner (2010)


Three contestants had to answer trivia questions in three minutes in order to be the champion. The winner receives a trophy. 

Round 1Edit

The contestants are asked three multiple-choice questions mostly pre-taped by co-stars of the show or movie. The contestants then lock in A, B, or C for their answers. Each correct answer is worth one point. The two contestants with the highest scores move on to the bonus round called The Super Speed Round. If there is a three-way tie for first place or a two-way tie for second place, all three contestants move on (similar to Remote Control).

Super Speed Round (Bonus Round)Edit

In the Super Speed Round, the contestants are asked more questions, except that the players have to buzz in to answer the question. Each correct answer is again worth one point. The player with the most points when time runs out, usually after three questions, is the winner and gets the trophy.


There were several variations of the Super Speed Round. The following is a list of the variations:

  • Finish that Line: Contestants had to finish the line of a song or movie line.
  • Finish that Spell: This was played on the Wizards of Waverly Place episode. Contestants had to guess the ending of a spell.
  • Who Says It?: Contestants had to find out who said the quote from a movie or show after it was read by the host.
  • It's All Relative: A character is given and the contestants have to guess how they are related to the main character.
  • Place to Place: This was played on The Suite Life on Deck episode. The contestants had to determine what place it is from The Suite Life on Deck.


Disney Channel's 60 Second Game Show - a short lived spinoff of Disney Channel's 3 Minute Game Show.


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