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Robert Maxwell
CBS Saturday Afternoons: 10/12/1963 – 4/25/1964
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Do You Know? was a short-lived weekend game show, where grade school children were quizzed based on the books they just read.


Children were quizzed about books they were assigned to read. Two teams of three grade school students (ranging in age from 9 to 12), competed each week. These teams answered questions based upon books like The Sea Around Us by Rachel Carson (subect of the first show). Other books featured on the show included A Bridle for Pegasus by Kathrine Shippen, Young Thomas Edison by Sterling North, and Wonderful World of Energy by Lancelot Hogben. The questions themselves were accompanied by films, drawings, and assorted objects to be identified.

Unlike most children's quiz shows, there were no prizes awarded at all.


The books on the show were suggested to the production team by the American Library Association, the Child Study Association of America, and the National Education Association.


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Taping Location[]

New York City, NY