Doug Davidson
Name: Douglas Donald “Doug” Davidson
Born: October 24, 1954
Occupation: Host, Actor, Soap Star
Known for: starring in The Young and the Restless
Douglas Donald “Doug” Davidson is an American actor. He was born in Glendale, CA, on October 24, 1954. He was the host of The Price is Right in syndication during the 1994-95 season. Doug is best known for his role as Paul Williams on The Young & the Restless. He named the Cliff Hangers mountain climber “Hans Gudegast” after his Y&R colleague, Eric Braeden. (Eric’s birth name is, in fact, Hans Gudegast.) Doug was one of a few people given an audition to replace Bob Barker after his retirement from The Price Is Right in 2007, a role which ultimately went to Drew Carey. Doug has also hosted the live stage show adaptation, The Price Is Right Live!, at Harrah's-owned casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Shows hostedEdit

The New Price Is Right
Scream for Millions

Shows on which he appearedEdit

Family Feud (He and his fellow Y&R cast played for charity opposite TPIR’s Bob Barker & his Beauties.)
Celebrity Bullseye