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Drew Carey
Drew Carey's Green Screen Show Intro.jpg
The WB: 10/7/2004 - 11/18/2004
Comedy Central: 10/26/2005 - 11/8/2005
Michigan J. Frog Productions

Drew Carey's Green Screen Show was a variation of Whose Line is it Anyway? with the same host. The major difference is that the players now did acts with the aid of a green screen.


Drew Carey along with his comic friends have a clever plan to shake up the concept of live improv comedy. The performers on this show will act out quirky and hilarious ideas suggested by the audience (i.e. "You're getting married underwater and are attacked by a giant squid") but that's just a jumping-off point. The real fun begins with the technique known as green screen in which Drew's Behind-the-Scenes team will use to animate the skits, creating an actual improvised movie that brings to life the details going on in their vivid imaginations. The series promises to be fun and lively marriage of improv and animation, a concept that only Drew Carey could pull off.


"La Trampa" by Tonino Carotone and Manu Chao

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A spinoff of Whose Line is it Anyway? based on the British version of the same name by Dan Patterson and Mark Leveson.


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