Ed McMahon
Ed McMahon
Name: Edward Peter Leo McMahon Jr.
Born: March 6, 1923
Died: June 23, 2009
Place of death: Los Angeles, California
Occupation: TV Personality
Years active: 1957-2009
Known for: Hosting Star Search and being Johnny Carson's sidekick
Edward Peter Leo "Ed" McMahon, Jr. was a well-known host and announcer. He was born March 6, 1923, in Detroit, MI. At age 15, Ed got his start as a “caller” at a bingo game. He is perhaps best known for hosting the long-running talent show Star Search; long before that, he was Johnny Carson’s sidekick on The Tonight Show. He was best known for yelling out, "Heeeeere's Johnny!", each time he introduced Carson at the beginning of the show. He was also known for yelling out, "Hiyo!" Before Tonight, Ed and Johnny worked together on Who Do You Trust?; Ed passed away on June 23, 2009, at the age of 86.

In addition, he also was a spokesman for American Family Publishers with Dick Clark, and Colonial Penn/Conseco Direct Life with Alex Trebek.

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