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Edward "Ed" Earl Toutant (December 27, 1951 - November 6, 2018) was a game show contestant most famous for his $1.86 Million win on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?. Ed won $11,401 on the 10/17/1989 episode of Jeopardy! and lost his game on The Challengers in January 1991.

Millionaire Run[]

On January 31, 2001, Toutant appeared on the show and left with $1,000 due to answering his $16,000 question incorrectly. Eight months later, he was invited back due to said $16,000 question having been poorly worded, continuing his game from where he had been disadvantaged and playing for the same $1.86 Million top prize that had been present in his original game. He managed to get through all the questions and answered the final one right making him the ninth person of the US franchise to win the top prize and only the second player to win under the "rolling jackpot" format (Kevin Olmstead had previously won $2.18 Million).

Grand Slam[]

Toutant lost on cumulative time to Leszek Pawlowicz (who was a Jeopardy! contestant from Season 8 and TOC winner in Season 9).

Cumulative Total[]

Out of the money won on Millionaire, Toutant won a grand total of $1,861,000.



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