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Eliza Orlins
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Born: December 25, 1982
Birth Hometown: Manhattan, New York
Occupation: Law School Student

Eliza Orlins (December 25, 1982) is a Manhattan public defender and outspoken advocate for our city's most vulnerable. For more than a decade, she has represented over 3,000 New Yorkers who otherwise would not have been able to afford a lawyer. During this time, Eliza has developed a reputation as a relentless champion for the underdog.



Eliza immediately rejoined her original alliance, but they were still wary of her. At the next challenge, it was revealed that both tribes would go to Tribal Council. Yasur lost the reward part of the challenge had to watch the Lopevi men compete for immunity. In a twist, The winner, John Kenney, stayed with the women until just before the vote to give one of them immunity. John separated the girls by who voted out Dolly to expose alliances. Eliza immediately explained her side of the story, unknowingly annoying him as well. Mia wanted Twila out due to a recent argument with her. Eliza suggested voting Scout out for being a detriment in challenges, but Mia didn't relent. At Tribal Council, John gave immunity to Ami Cusack and Mia was blindsided in a 5-3 vote. Lisa flipped to the older women's alliance because she didn't trust Eliza. The women won the next two challenges, with Eliza being the one responsible for the immunity win.

On Day 11, local tribesman came to the two camps and asked for a tribe chief. The women elected Scout due to being the wisest and the eldest. Later, it was the that the tribes were switching. Scout placed Eliza with Bubba Sampson, Leann, Rory Freeman, and Ami. Sarge Masters deemed the other group Lopevi. After being unpicked, Lisa willingly went to Yasur. Yasur went on a losing streak. Bubba was the first to go due to telling Chris to "remember the merge" in earshot of Ami while at the Immunity Challenge. At the second Reward Challenge after the switch, Eliza was a hindrance and Yasur lost again. Rory felt that Eliza's poor performance would give him the ability to crack Ami's alliance. Eliza was unable to perform at the Immunity Challenge due to Leann's struggle in the underwater obstacle course. However, It would be Lisa who became the target because she asked Ami how to gather food "just in case". Yasur was able to make a comeback to win the next two challenges, winning a trip to a coffee house and immunity. The next challenge, Lopevi won milk, cookies, and chocolate cake.

The next challenge was for individual immunity and the tribes had merged. Eliza barely beat out Chris for a spot in the final round but lost immunity to Sarge. Everyone moved to the Lopevi camp and was ecstatic to have a feast await them. Under Ami's influence, Twila and Julie flipped to the women and blindsided Rory in a 6-4 vote. In the next challenge, Eliza was the first woman out. She was angered by being on the bottom. Leann would win the challenge and bring Julie with her. When the women returned, they indulged on chicken wings leaving the men only the tips. At the Immunity Challenge, Eliza was the first woman out again. Ami won immunity and made sure the women stayed strong. Sarge was voted out, with his vote going to Eliza.

At this point, Scout was fed up with Eliza and plotted with the men to oust her. At the Reward Challenge, Eliza's team won the challenge. They went to a local village and indulged in the culture and food. When they returned, Eliza noticed something was up due to Julie's behavior. At the Immunity Challenge, Twila defeated Chad Crittenden for the win. At Tribal Council, Eliza was questioned by Jeff for bringing her bag at every Tribal Council. He referred to her as the girl who cried wolf. She countered by the fact that she was considered to be voted out every time and it was valid 100%. When the vote came, the women held strong and Eliza was spared while Chad was voted out.

The next challenge was the Loved Ones Challenge, with the winner getting an online chat with their loved one, Eliza beat out Julie to spend time with mother, Susan. However, her mother and the other loved ones were on location and Eliza would spend a whole day with her mom. Eliza explained that she was nearly voted out for talking too much. Once she had to leave, Susan gave her daughter the shirt off her back because she needed one. Eliza was worried the visit would make the others jealous. The loved ones returned for the Immunity Challenge. Ami won the challenge with her girlfriend, Chrissy. Later after the challenge, Chris came to her and told her that Julie claimed that Eliza was the one going home. Chris pleaded with Eliza to vote with him, Twila, and Scout to eliminate Leann. Eliza had her reservations but she agreed. Chris was right as she received the other votes, however, Leann was blindsided.

Eliza and Ami were angered at Twila and Scout for their betrayal. At the Reward Challenge, the castaways would be competing for a Pontiac G6 and a trip to a spa. Eliza was able to beat out Ami for the car and the girls were joined by Chris at the spa. Both Ami and Chris talked strategy with Eliza. Chris defeated Ami for individual immunity. Eliza considered flipping to Ami and Julie to vote out Scout. At Tribal Council, Eliza agreed that Twila's swearing on her son's name was immoral but still voted out Ami.

Julie and Eliza started to realign themselves and hoped that Chris would join them. Julie won the Reward Challenge and took Chris with her. While trapped with Twila and Scout, they annoyed her to no end. Eliza declared she was done with both of them. When Chris returned, they talked. During the conversion, Chris said they were going to the final three. Eliza simply corrected him by saying the final two, which he hastily agreed. Eliza won the Immunity Challenge. Afterward, Chris was weighing his options between Julie and Twila. Twila caught Eliza talking about voting her out, leading to a major argument. At Tribal Council, Eliza was shocked when Julie was blindsided. After the Tribal Council, Twila and Eliza accused each other of being undeserving of coming this far. Eliza talked to Chris and he claimed that his vote was the alliance. Eliza was amazed by who was in the final four. Eliza prayed that she would win immunity, however, Chris was victorious. Eliza was happy as she thought Chris and herself were going to Day 39. Unfortunately for Eliza, Chris deemed Eliza too much of a threat to win the Final Immunity Challenge and the jury vote. Eliza was voted out on Day 37. As her torch is snuffed, Eliza glared at Chris, who nonchalantly waves goodbye.

At Final Tribal Council, Eliza gave a long ranting speech about how deceptive the finalists were. Afterward, Eliza demanded an apology. Twila refused to give her such while Chris did. Because he apologized and she liked him better, Eliza voted for Chris to win.

Upon arriving on the beach, Eliza Orlins noticed quickly that the men and the women were being separated. She also realized that the men were the ones in the center of the action, despite supposedly everyone being a part of the opening ceremony. Once it was over, the tribes were divided by gender. Eliza's tribe was called Yasur. On the way to the camp, some of the members wanted to wait until morning to find the camp. Eliza along with Twila Tanner disagreed. Eventually, the women reached the camp that night. Eliza quickly befriended the other younger girls (Julie Berry, Dolly Neely, and Mia Galeotalanza). Twila and Scout Cloud Lee were annoyed by the girls' constant talking, with Eliza being deemed the most annoying. At the first Immunity Challenge, the women were able to win the challenge because of Chris Daugherty's inability to cross the balance beam. The women were also able to win the next Reward Challenge and blankets. At this point, the tribe was divided by youth and work ethic. The young women were joined by Lisa Keiffer. The women lost the Immunity Challenge and Eliza was in danger due to her constant talking. Dolly shifted the vote to Leann Slaby because of her flying under the radar. However, when she talked to Dolly, Eliza was left with the impression Dolly was going to flip and vote out Eliza. Although Dolly stayed loyal to the young girls, Eliza helped blindside her.

Voting History[]

Eliza's Voting History
Episode Eliza's


Voted Against


1 Yasur Tribe Immune
2 Dolly -
3 Twila -
4 Yasur Tribe Immune
5 Travis -
6 Lisa -
7 Yasur Tribe Immune
8 Rory -
9 Lea Lea
10 Chad Chad, Chris
11 Leann Ami, Julie,


12 Ami -
13 Twila Individual Immunity
14 Twila Chris, Scout,


Voted Out, Day 37
Voted for

Sole Survivor



After a memorable appearance in Vanuatu Eliza returned for Survivor: Micronesia. Eliza began the game on the Malakal tribe, along with nine other fan-favorites. Early on, Eliza noticed the alliance of Parvati Shallow, James Clement, Amanda Kimmel, and Ozzy Lusth, which preempted her into forming an alliance with Yau-Man Chan, Jonathan Penner, and Ami Cusack against the "Couples". This act made her seem as a threat by Parvati's alliance, who conspired to vote her out during their first Tribal Council. However, this plan was put on hold when Jon Dalton asked the entire tribe to vote him out first in order to be with his expectant girlfriend.

When Eliza's alliance failed to convince Cirie Fields to join them, they found themselves as the minority, as Parvati's alliance (who Cirie sided with) voted for Yau-Man due to his experiences with the Hidden Immunity Idol.

During the Tribe Switch, Eliza's alliance was split, as she and Jonathan were switched to Airai, while Ami stayed on Malakal. However, she quickly lost her alliance member Jonathan when he was injured during a challenge and was forced to leave the game because the wound would soon cause a fatal infection.

Eliza, feeling at a minority again, became friends with Jason Siska, who also felt at a minority with his tribe. Following the merge, Eliza felt disheartened at Ami's elimination, as she had planned to bring Jason and Ami to the Final Three. Jason surprised Eliza, however, when he told her that he found the Hidden Immunity Idol. He promised that, should he win individual immunity, he would give his idol to Eliza. This was actually a fake Idol that Ozzy planted when he found the Idol, although Jason was certain it was real. When Jason won individual immunity, he decided to follow through on his plan to give Eliza the "idol". When Eliza unwrapped the napkin to find that the idol was just a stick, she ran after Jason and confronted him, infamously asserting, "It's a f***ing stick", which Jason refused to believe. Despite this, she still played it in the hopes of exposing that Ozzy had the real one, and Ozzy admitted that he did. All votes against Eliza were counted and she was sent home, which made her 9th player voted out and the 1st member of the jury. When Ozzy was blindsided at the following Tribal Council, Eliza, as part of the jury, had a famously shocked reaction, nearly bursting into laughter over it.

At Final Tribal Council, Eliza complimented finalists Parvati and Amanda on their strategic gameplay but criticized Parvati for being mean and Amanda for being superficial. Despite disliking her more, Eliza gave her jury vote to Parvati who would win 5-3.

Voting History[]

Eliza's Voting History
Episode Eliza's


Voted Against


1 Jon -
2 Malakal Tribe Immune
3 Yau-Man -
4 Malakal Tribe Immune
5 Airai Tribe Immune
6 Airai Tribe Immune
7 Airai Tribe Immune
8 Airai Tribe Immune
9 Ozzy Alexis, Amanda, Cirie, Erik,

James, Natalie, Ozzy, Parvati

Voted Out, Day 24
Voted for

Sole Survivor



  • Eliza used to write reviews about Survivor on the website Reality Nation. As of Caramoan, she no longer writes reviews.
  • On January 9, 2010, Eliza attended Survivor's 10-year anniversary party along with all of her Vanuatu castmates.
  • On May 12, 2015, Eliza appeared on an episode of The Dr. Oz Show with her dog Oscar.
  • In April 2016, Eliza appeared on People Now along with Andrea Boehlke interviewing Neal Gottlieb.
  • On April 26, 2017, Eliza appeared on an episode of Pen Fan Forum hosted by Andrea Boehlke to discuss the tenth episode of Game Changers. She appeared in another episode on May 17, 2017 along with Brian Corridan to discuss the thirteenth episode of Game Changers.
  • In the summer of 2018, Eliza and Corinne Kaplan competed on the thirty-first season of The Amazing Race. They were eliminated in the fourth episode, finishing in 9th place.
  • In March 2020, Eliza announced her candidacy for District Attorney of Manhattan.