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Kip Addotta
Jim Carson
Escapade: September 12, 1981 to 1984
Playboy Channel: 1984 to September 28, 1988
Scott Sternberg Productions

Everything Goes! was an adult game show, produced from 1981 to 1988. Kip Addotta was the host. It originally aired on Escapade for its first three years, then moved to the Playboy Channel in 1984, where it became The All-New Everything Goes. The show was produced by Scott Sternberg Productions.​


Two contestants, one male and one female, each dressed in a themed costume for each episode (Prom King/Queen, Cowboy/Cowgirl) competed in this game, along with Addotta and three celebrity panelists made up of popular TV personalities of the period.

Main Rounds[]

In each round, each panelist gave an answer to his/her own adult-based question posed by Addotta, and (starting with the winner of a coin-toss) the contestant would have to agree or disagree with the celebrity (much like on Hollywood Squares). If the contestant judged correctly, he/she could remove one garment from the opposing player. If not, he/she would have one of his/her own garments removed by the opponent. The contestants wore an equal number of garments to be removed.

Two rounds like this were played, with the player who went second in Round 1 playing first in Round 2.

Special rounds[]

Between the main rounds, a special round was played by the leading contestant. Three attractive people of the opposite sex would come out on stage to let the contestant have a good look at them, both front and back. The three would then step behind a wall that had strategically placed doors on it that Addotta would then open. If three women stepped behind the wall, the doors would be opened to reveal their bare breasts; and if three men stepped behind the wall, the opened doors would reveal their bare behinds. The contestant's job was to then match the revealed body parts to the correct people by hanging cards with their names on them on the wall. Successfully identifying all three people allowed the contestant to remove one of his/her opponent's garments, whereas failure resulted in a loss of a garment at the hands of the opponent.

Final Question[]

At the end of the game, one final question was played, but in a different manner: each panelist gave a possible answer, one of which was correct. The trailing player could choose to either pick the correct answer, or pass the question to the leader. A correct answer won the game, while an incorrect answer meant his/her opponent won. The winner of the game received a vacation or $1,000 in cash (depending on the episode) plus the right to take off all the loser's clothes (except his/her G-string).

Video release[]

In 1983, a compilation of clips from the show's first two years—interspersed with monologue from Addotta—was released on VHS by Active Home Video as The Best of Everything Goes. The release has been long out of print, and episodes of the series are highly coveted by enthusiasts.

This compilation also aired on the Playboy Channel during their run of the show.


"Picadilly" by Squeeze

The open used only the instrumental open and close of the song (with a drumroll in between, to punctuate host Addotta's intro); the full-length version was used during the closing credits.


ABC Television Center, Los Angeles, CA



This was the first ever show produced by Scott Sternberg Productions.


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