Fred Robbins
Peggy O'Hara
Bill O'Toole
Finders Keepers 1955.png
WABD (Weekly): 10/7/1954 - 3/31/1955
Talent Associates

"If you know where to find this, stand by - you may be called in the next half-hour to try for a fabulous jackpot worth $3,000. The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of New York presents the hilarious hunt for prizes, FINDERS KEEPERS! And now, here's the fun-making keeper of Finders Keepers, FRED ROBBINS!"

This version of Finders Keepers had contestants go on a hunt for prizes.


Viewers sent in entry forms to be drawn from a giant Coca-Cola bottle. The viewer would then be called and given one minute to find their entry form, hidden somewhere on the show's set, with the help of a "hunting partner" picked from the audience, with a musical clue and audience response helping out.

Finding the entry form awarded a prize (picked blindly before the musical clue from the entry blanks in front of Fred) and "opened the door" for a chance to win a $3,000 jackpot of prizes by identifying where a pictured place is located in 15 seconds.

YouTube Video

A full episode from January 20, 1955

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