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Unsold Pilot for Daily Syndication: 1984
Michael Thompson Productions
Sun Television
Centerpoint Distribution
MT Television

"From Hollywood, it's FLASH FRAME, with all your favorite stars. And here's our favorite star, Bob Eubanks!"


Two teams of four contestants (each team had a name representing a common bond) competed in a game about pop culture. They played a series a rounds where one player from each team would go head to head in each round. For the first three rounds, questions used were toss-ups. The first player to buzz-in with a correct answer scored points. An incorrect answer from the buzz-in player forfeited the question to his/her opponent, who then tried to steal for 1/2 price.

Round 1[]

The first two players were shown ten pictures one at a time. Their job was to identify the picture. Correct buzz-in answers were worth 20 points, while correct steals were worth 10 points.

Round 2[]

The next two players were asked a series of showbiz questions. Correct buzz-in answers were still worth 20 points, while correct steals were still worth 10 points. This round was played to time.

Round 3[]

The next two players were shown three clips one at a time. Then they were asked four questions about the clip. Correct buzz-in answers were now worth 30 points, while correct steals were worth 15 points.

Round 4[]

In the final round, ten more pictures, this time of famous people were shown in a flash for five seconds. Everybody would see the flash frame twice, while the third time saw only the home audience seeing the flash frame. While that happened, the two teams conferred with each other as to how many of them they could remember. Next, the final two players would bid against each other as to how many of them they could name. They took turns until one player reached the maximum of ten or until one player challenged the other to name them. The winner of the bid got 20 seconds to fulfill his/her bid, with 40 points awarded for every correct answer. The team with the most points at the end of this round won the game and $1,000.

Bonus Round[]

The winning team faced another flash of ten pictures. Only this time, they fit under a specific category from a choice of two. The winning team's job was to identify as many as possible. To start, the two categories were shown. The winning team selected one and then were shown the flash of the ten pictures they had to identify, twice. They had 20 seconds to identify as many as possible, with each one worth $100 in cash. Identifying all ten won the team over $10,000 in prizes.


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Patrick M. Davis & David M. Greenfield

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