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The Flashback Pop Quiz is a weekly syndicated radio feature in which listeners test their knowledge of feature films, television, music, toys, games and other popular cultural memories. It is distributed by Cumulus Media Networks, the leading distributor of first-run, nationally and globally syndicated radio news, entertainment and sports programming.


Bill St. James (until late 2011)
Matt Pinfield (since 2012)


Depends from station to station, so check your local listings for a WestwoodOne affiliate in your area or visit for details.


Each Flashback Pop Quiz features questions focusing on retro culture, ranging from feature films and recorded music to television, to celebrity paparazzi, to books, and much more.

Matt Pinfield convinces listeners from across the nation to correctly answer questions on pop-culture topics by hearing rare film and television footage. Once Mr. Pinfield reads a question, radio listeners answer at least one of the many questions featured on the program in an effort to win.

An incorrect clue to a difficult and/or easy pop-cultural query will be read by Mr. Pinfield at the conclusion of each Flashback Pop Quiz.

Categories and Selected Themes[]

Here are the categories and selected themes radio listeners will hear on FPQ:

Film: From award-winning classic motion pictures to today's newest releases, Flashback Pop Quiz (FPQ) covers the spectrum of filmed-entertainment history through the decades. 

Television: Flashback Pop Quiz's questions cover every aspect of classic TV at its best - be it comedy, drama, action, adventure, fantasy, science fiction, or the wild West, FPQ's Matt Pinfield provides the questions so the audience can answer them correctly.

Music Entertainment: Whether radio listeners hear pop, rock, rap, hip-hop, rythum and blues, country or stand-up comedy, Flashback Pop Quiz pits them against Matt Pinfield in a test of musical knowledge.

And more...

Flashback Pop Quiz offers a variety of questions covering the many other aspects of popular culture, including books, video games, comic-book superheroes, television and radio commercials, and amateur, professional and extreme sports.

When to listen[]

To listen to the Flashback Pop Quiz please check your local listings for the Cumulus Media Networks-affiliated radio station in your area.


"Class dismissed!" - Bill St. James/Matt Pinfield

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