Playboy TV: 7/8/2006-8/18/2012

Foursome (promoted as Playboy's Foursome) was an adult-themed reality dating series which has aired for five seasons on Playboy TV.


Based on similar reality dating series of the early 2000s like Blind Date and The 5th Wheel, the series gathers four singles (two men and two women) and bases them in Los Angeles (and in some later episodes, New York City or Miami)mansion for 24 hours throughout their experience daters are introduced, profiled and made to participate in erotic activities both in the mansion and off-site.

Playmates and models generally instigate the first round sexually-oriented party games, followed by "field trips" to Hollywood clubs, massage parlors or trendy bars. What transpires between the participants varies depending on factors such as chemistry. In some episodes, they may engage in one or more sexual encounters; in others, they may go to bed separately without doing so; occasionally, a participant may be so dissatisfied that he or she leaves the mansion early. Participants also occasionally "hook up" with the facilitators of the various activities in lieu of or in addition to their fellow residents.

Season 2 and Beyond

In 2008, Foursome returned for a second season, featuring a new mansion and a slightly updated format. In some episodes, facilitators and other special guests end up having sex with participants, leading to friction among some daters. In addition, the level of sexual explicitness increased in the series, with penetration and other sexual acts shown uncensored. As noted below, this resulted in the DVD release of Season 2 being edited to remove such content.

In September 2009, the series premiered a third season with cameras going to homes in Las Vegas, San Francisco and Miami.

In September 2010, the series premiered a four season which takes place in New York City and Los Angeles.

A fifth season aired in 2011.

Foursome: Walk of Shame

Foursome Walk of Shame.png

This spinoff featured guest comedians giving their insight to the ongoing of the original series. This aired for two seasons from February 2, 2013 until April 19, 2014.

Notable Participants

Notable singles from past seasons include:

Ozzy Lusth (Survivor contestant)
Michele Noonan & Braden Bacha (Big Brother 11 contestants)
Mika Tan (adult actress)
Dunbar Flinn (The Real World cast memebers)
Brooke Thompson (a.k.a. "Pumpkin" from Flavor of Love)
Jason Rosell & Sandro Padrone (a.k.a "Heat" & "Rico" respectivelyfrom I Love New York)


As of Spring 2010, season 1 has been released to DVD in Region 1 over two volumes, with a single-volume season 2 release. The second season DVD was censored to remove explicit footage from the original broadcast.

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