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Art James
Lee Vines
Wayne Howell
NBC Daytime: 9/27/1965 – 12/31/1965
Ben Joelson-Art Baer Productions

Fractured Phrases was a short-lived daytime game show for which it involved a team consisting of two players trying to recognize famous sayings such as song titles, books and slogans that were written phonetically.


Main Game[]

A phrase was given to one of the teams, and one player on that team was given fifteen seconds to come up with the correct meaning of the phrase by repeating it to his/her partner. If he/she was successful, they received two points; if not, the partner had ten seconds to repeat the phrase. If both members of the team couldn't identify it, the opponents could guess the phrase for one point. The first team to score ten points won the game.

Bonus Round[]

The winning team then tried to recognize a series of fractured names worth $25 for each one identified. First they had to match the first names with the last names, and then identify the people.

Format Changes[]

For the show's first eight weeks, the players on each team were both civilians. This was changed on November 22 to one member of each team being a civilian, and the other a celebrity guest.


NBC Studio 8H, New York City, NY


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