Denise Darcel (First Three Shows)
Ernie Kovacs (Last Two Shows)
Don Russell
DuMont Primetime: 7/16/1954 – 8/13/1954
Rockhill Productions

Gamble on Love was a short-lived American game show on the now-defunct Dumont Network, which had three couples competing for prizes.


Three couples who were "married, about to be married, or just plain in love" were interviewed by the host on their "gamble on love". They then had a chance at the wheel of fortune (not to be confused with the short-lived, good-deed formatted game show or the hangman-based, formatted game show of the same name), with one partner spinning the wheel and the other answering questions for prizes, with the top prize being a mink coat, or something similar.


This show's replacement was Time Will Tell, which was also hosted by Ernie Kovacs.

Taping LocationEdit

New York City, NY

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