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Lifetime: 1/8/2007-3/12/2007
Endemol USA

On Gay, Straight or Taken?, one woman meets three men for a series of dates and then she must decide who is gay, who is straight and who is taken in order to win a dream trip for two.


One woman goes on a series of dates with three men and must rely on her intuition to figure out who is gay, who is straight or who is already taken. She must correctly choose the straight man to win the grand prize, a dream trip for two. If she guesses incorrectly, then the prize goes to the lucky man she chose and his partner.


The show can still be seen in reruns on Lifetime Real Women.

International Versions[]

The program also aired in other countries such as:

  • Australia (Arena TV)
  • Brazil (Multishow)
  • France (TF1)
  • Italy (Sky Uno)
  • Netherlands (RTL 5)
  • Poland (MTV Poland)
  • Russia (MTV Russia)
  • United Kingdom (Five Life)


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