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Logo: 4/11/2016 – 7/13/2017
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Gay for Play Game Show Starring RuPaul was the short-lived and way over-the-top game show hosted by RuPaul that was shot in front of a live studio audience, where contestants' entertainment IQ are put to the test where host RuPaul quizzes them on the hottest pop culture moments. According to its tagline, its the only gay-themed game show on Logo where "You don't need to be "gay" to play, but it sure does help!"


As they answer hysterical trivia questions, contestants have to deicide whether they trust their own instincts or to turn to the "Gay for Play" celebrity panel to help. Then as the competition heats up, contestants pair up with one celebrity panelists and have 69 seconds to answer trivia questions as possible for a chance to win big cash and prizes.


Round 1[]

One contestant chooses one of two categories and either the top tier or the bottom tier of the panel. Each panelist in the chosen tier provides an answer to a question in the chosen category for that contestant, and that contestant can either go with that panelist's answer or give their own answer. Each correct answer scores points. The first question is worth one point, the second question is worth two points, and the third question is worth three points. After that category is played, the other contestant plays the remaining category with the remaining tier of the panel.

Round 2[]

This round is played the same as the previous round, but with the point values doubled to two, four and six points in that order in each category.

Round 3[]

Each contestant chooses a panelist to team up with in this round. On a contestant's turn, they and the chosen panelist have 69 seconds to answer as many questions correctly as possible, with the panelist answering first on each question. If the panelist answers a question incorrectly, the contestant gets to answer it. A correct answer from the panelist is worth two points, while a correct answer from the contestant is worth only one point. At the end of this round, the contestant with the most points wins the game and advances to the bonus round for a chance to win $5,000 in cash and prizes, while the other contestant gets slapped in the face by RuPaul him/herself.

Bonus Round[]

The winner is shown six numbered boxes. Inside five of the boxes are prizes, and inside one of the boxes is a rubber chicken. The winner chooses the boxes, one at a time, and they have the option to stop and take all the prizes won after each successful selection. If the contestant chooses the box that has the rubber chicken inside it, they lose all the prizes they won up to that point.


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