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Host/Executive Producer
Zachary Levi
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Syfy: 7/16/2015 – 10/1/2015
Condé Nast Entertainment
Kinetic Content

Geeks Who Drink was a weekly short-lived game show based on the nationwide pub trivia contest of the same name.


In each installment, two teams of three self-proclaimed trivia geeks (including a celebrity captain) competed in rapid-fire quizzes that covered topics from pop culture to science fiction. After a lot of raucous gameplay and (mostly) friendly competition, the winning team would earn bragging rights, a spot on the show's leaderboard, and a bevy of prizes to "geek" out over.

The game itself was played in four rounds.

Round 1[]

This round was played in two parts

Speed Round[]

To start, Levi would flip a coin with the word "geek" on one side, and "drink" on the other. Whoever won would play first. He would then ask each contestant a series of questions with the same two choices. Each correct answer put $10 in their bank. Two categories were played, meaning a team could score a maximum of $60.

Toss-Up Round[]

Levi would ask a series of questions from a certain category (some of which were visuals). Each correct answer was worth $10. The first team whose captain buzzed in with the correct answer won the money; an incorrect answer gave the opponents a chance to answer.

Round 2[]

This round was played in three parts.


Contestants had to answer questions based on the structure of the category. Each correct answer was worth $20.

Wild Card[]

A celebrity guest would ask a question, and a correct answer was worth $20.

NOTE: Sometimes this segment was played in the first round, with a correct answer being worth $10.

Group Challenge[]

This was a competitive version of the Race Game from The Price is Right. Each team went to a podium with a series of items on it. They had to match each item to the correct answers, or simply put them in a certain order. When they thought they were all correct, the captain would hit a buzzer. The first team with a complete match won $50.

Round 3[]

This round was played in two parts.


Levi would ask a mathematics based question. The teams had fifteen seconds to write down their answers. A correct answer earned that team $100.

NOTE: Sometimes there were two questions in this segment, with each correct answer worth $50.

Bar Game[]

The team captains competed in a stunt of some sort, and the winner would get to choose the category for the final round.

Final Round: Last Call[]

The team who won the Bar Game would choose a category, and decide whether to go first or second. The teams would then go back and forth naming items that fit the category. In a manner similar to Pass the Buck, a correct answer kept them in the game, while an incorrect answer eliminated them. When one team was completely eliminated, the other team would win $100 for each player left standing.

The team with the highest score won the game, kept the money, and won bonus prizes.


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Host/Executive Producer Zachary Levi was the star of NBC's Chuck and Heroes Reborn (a 13-episode miniseries spinoff of the 2006-2010 series Heroes). He also provided the voice of Eugene "Flynn Rider" Fitzherbert in Disney's Tangled (a role also used in a short sequel, and a spin-off television series).


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