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Girls v. Boys (or Girls vs. Boys) was a reality competition series where teams of adolescent boys and adolescent girls are pitted against each other in physical competitions.


The N: August 8, 2003-October 7, 2005


Dancing Toad Productions


At first, anyone between the ages of 16 and 18 are asked to audition. The second season on, Dancing Toad usually receives tens of thousands of auditions. They manage to break it down to three boys and three girls (four boys and four girls in Puerto Rico and Montana. In Hawaii, Degrassi cast member Lauren Collins and Jake Epstein join the teams) and send them to a house (campsite in the first season) usually with some ocean clearing.

The series then shows the competitions as well as the debacles between the two teams, both internally and externally. The purpose of the competitions is to attain a prize (it has varied from season to season, but in Puerto Rico, it was $50,000 for the winning team and $1,000 worth of traveling gear split between the winning team members). Each competition earns the winners of the competition a set amount of points (raging from 100 to over 500 in the final event) and the team that earns the most points wins.


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