Tom Green
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Planet Green: 11/8/2008 - 2/21/2009
Andy Friendly Productions
Wheeler-Sussman Productions

Go for the Green! was a short-lived, high-energy, elimination-styled game show where fifty members of a live studio audience competed to stay in the game until two finalist face-off against each other in order to win a fantastic green weekend getaway.

Premise[edit | edit source]

Round 1[edit | edit source]

Tom ask 50 audience members multiple choice questions with two possible answers. They each physically head off to either the "A" or "B" area of the show their choice of answers. Those who get the question correct remain in the game. But those who guess wrong are eliminated. continuing to whittle down the contestants until they have between 8-10 remaining.

Round 2[edit | edit source]

every question is to do or die as someone get eliminated by every question as the randomizer selects a player as that contestant gets to hear the category (i.e. "Rich Dudes") (s)he then has the option of either answering the question or challenging another player to answer it. If (s)he answer the question correctly, then (s)he gets to eliminate one of the other players. If (s)he answer incorrectly, (s)he's eliminated. And the same thing happens if (s)he chooses another player...his/her fate is in the player's hands. the round continues until only two are left.

Chain Game[edit | edit source]

In the final round, two remaining contestants race against the clock and each other. Each contestant had three chances to put seven items in order (chronological, number of, etc.) While the first person is playing, the second player is isolated off-stage. After the first person completes their rounds of the chain game, the second player tries to beat the first player's score as the clock ticks down. at the end of the round, the winner gets the fabulous green getaway.

Rating[edit | edit source]

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Official Site (via Internet Archive)

YouTube Video[edit | edit source]

Clips of the Show

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