Michael Young & Teri Ann Linn
Mary Lou Sam
Grand Prix All-Star Show
Syndication: 9/1982 – 9/1983
In Productions for American Television Syndication

Grand Prix All Star Show was a weekly short-lived game show where three celebrity guests were teamed with teenage contestants (ages 14 to 16) to compete in athletic stunts.


Sample stunts included attempting to find a picture in a pile of foam rubber cubes before their opponents did, sliding down a water slide, having one partner take his or her clothing off and then dress his or her teammate, and racing miniature cars around a track.

The game was played in three rounds.

The First Two RoundsEdit

In these rounds, teams earned points based on the order they finished in. In Round 1, 1st place was worth 10 points, 2nd place was worth 7 points, and 3rd place was worth 3 points. In Round 2, these increased to 15, 10, and 5 points, respectively.

Final Round: Grand Prix FinaleEdit

To start, the contestants competed in a stunt of sorts, and were timed based on how long it took them to complete it. Following this, the celebrities raced around a track in miniature racing cars. The order in which they raced was determined by their total scores at the end of the second round, with 3rd place racing first, and 1st place racing last. Each celebrity was timed separately. The team with the fastest total time in both races was the winner. The contestants received prizes based on the order in which they finished in this round.



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Taping LocationEdit

Malibu Fun Center, Puente Hills, CA

Youtube VideosEdit

The Grand Prix All Star Show
The Grand Prix All Star Show Ending

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