Jai Rodriguez
Jai's Yorkie
Nemo the Messenger Dog
Karen Halligan (Veternarian)
Xavier Santiago (award-winning dog handler)
Joey Villani (professional dog groomer)
Groomer Has It
Animal Planet: 4/12/2008-6/27/2009
3 Ball Productions

Groomer Has It was a short-lived reality competition series featuring twelve of America's best dog groomers just to see who is the best dog groomer in America.


Twelve dog groomers enter the competition into the "Dog House", where they must live and compete together. Ever week, their is a "Quick Sniff Challenge", which involves the groomers doing a miscellaneous task which could be helpful to their grooming career. The winner of this challenge gets a "Leg Up" in the Elimination Challenge, a grooming challenge often related to the Quick Sniff Challenge. The winner of the Elimination Challenge gets a "Leg Up" for the next Quick Sniff Challenge (in Season 1), and a groomer who performed below the standard for the competition is eliminated from the game.


The title of the show is a parody of the term "Rumor Has It" (keep in mind that this is not supposed to be confused with the short-lived 1993 VH1 game show of the same name).


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