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Melvin Belli
Jury Moderator
John Shearin
Lee Ritchey
Defense Attorney
Laird Stuart
John Wells
Syndication (Daily): 9/24/1984 – 12/1984 (reruns aired until 9/1985)
Gannaway-Rubinstein Productions
Genesis Entertainment

"These jurors and you at home will weigh the evidence presented to you in a dramatic re-enactment of an actual court trial. (insert clips). And decide for yourself whether you think the defendant is GUILTY OR INNOCENT! Ladies and Gentlemen, this is GUILTY OR INNOCENT! The show where good judgment pays! And now, here's our jury moderator, JOHN SHEARIN!

Guilty or Innocent was a short-lived reality court game show where twelve members of a studio jury watched a reenactment of an actual jury trial and then voted "Guilty" or "Innocent" for a cash prize.


12 "jurors" watched a reenactment of an actual case. After the reenactment was concluded, the jury moderator then conducted a preliminary poll. The "jurors" then had a small debate on the case, which was then followed by the final vote.

"Jurors" whose verdict matched that of the actual verdict shared a cash prize of $5,000 and came back on the next program (for a maximum of five consecutive shows). If the contestants voted unanimously on a correct verdict, they split $10,000.

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Dallas, TX

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