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Hans (AKA Yodely Guy) is a character on the classic and long-running pricing game from The Price is Right called "Cliff Hangers".


He climbs up the mountain if a contestant does not get the correct price on the prize. Should he fall off the cliff at the top of the mountain, the contestant loses. However, if Hans/Yodely Guy stays on the mountain at the end of the game, the contestant wins.


Different Outfits[]

Drew (& Curtis) Holds Yodely Guy[]

A Live Yodely Guy[]

On one show, an audience member named Michael was dressed up like Hans, the Yodely Guy.

Yodely Drew[]

In a 2009 Halloween episode, Drew dressed up as Hans (Yodely Guy) for Halloween.

Yodely Rachel[]

As part of U Decide Week, Hans was dressed up like Rachel, based on the majority of online fan votes. Rachel provided the yodeling voice rather than the music playing.

Hans (& Rachel) on Let's Make a Deal[]

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In 2016 and 2020, as part of Mashup Week for both Deal and Price, Cliffhangers and model Rachel Reynolds (from Price) made guest appearances as the game was played. Rachel provided the yodeling voice for the second choice just like in U Decide week.

Chef Hans' Mountain Trouble[]


The Cover Up Mountain Climber Poses[]



Classic Yodely Guy Looks[]

Special Yodely Guy Looks[]

Shows appeared[]

The Price is Right - (1976-present)
Let's Make a Deal - (2016, During Mash-Up Week with TPIR)


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