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Heart's Desire was a radio giveaway show.


Mutual Radio (Daily): 9/9/1946 – 1/30/1948


Ben Alexander


Cliff Johnson


Women wrote in asking for things; the better the cause, the better their chances of getting it. Each week, a maximum of 50,000 letters were sent to the show to be read and judged by the staff. The goal was entertainment: letters that would make good air copy. Usually, this meant a tug at the heartstrings, a hearty laugh, or something bizarre.

The letters that were judged the best were turned over to the studio audidence before the broadcast, and the audience selected the best of these to be read by participants on the air. The author of the letter received her heart's desire, and her sponsor received a prize as well.

At the end of the show, there was a secret jackpot: an item was placed inside a cabinet onstage, an the audience was challenged to guess what it was. The show only allowed about 20 rapid guesses, and if no one guessed correctly, the item was removed and placed on top of the cabinet, and a new item was hidden inside for the next show. The eventual winner got the entire jackpot.