Heartland Poker Tour is a poker game show that started out as a regional show, but quickly became a national poker show.


Syndicated 2005-present


Fred Bevill and Chris Hanson


In every episode, Bevill and Hanson analyze play of the final six contestants in the Main Event. To enter the main event, poker enthusiasts either buy directly in or win their way through the qualifying system for a fraction of the investment of the widely-celebrated World Series of Poker, which commands buy ins up to $50,000. HPT's main event is typically a $1650 buy in, although it can vary by venue. Prize money is awarded to the top 10% of the field or 30 places, whichever is greater. HPT tournaments follow rules established by the Tournament Directors Association for Texas hold 'em poker.

International VersionsEdit

The show is also popular in Europe, the Caribbean, and the Middle East.