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BET: 2007–2008

Hell Date was a short-lived (two seasons) Black dating show with a twist.

Season 1[]

The show started with one unsuspecting dater telling the viewer who his/her ideal date mate was. This individual thought that he/she was on a standard dating show (such as Blind Date) where both daters had gone on a TV show to look for love; in this case, however, the second dater was actually an actor portraying a genuine dater. The actor (known as a "Hell Dater") portrayed a character who had an incredibly annoying personality trait which was typical of the single worst date that most people have ever been on.

As the date progressed, the Hell Dater would become increasingly extreme in their off-putting behavior, making life more and more miserable for the unsuspecting dater. Finally, the victimized dater was put out of his/her misery when a little person dressed as a devil would jump out, poke him/her with a pitch fork and exclaim, "You on Hell Date!".

Season 2[]

In this season there were now three "Hell Daters", who were coached by the "devil" prior to the date and one "innocent victim!" All three Hell Daters would go on the first date together and as the date segment progressed one Hell Dater was eliminated. The remainder of the show included only one Hell Dater and the "victim" and was in a similar format to Season 1. (NOTE: This new format was similar to elimiDATE, except that the first two Hell Daters were eliminated during the first date.)


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