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Jack Barry
Don Pardo
NBC Primetime: 7/4/1957 – 9/19/1957
Barry & Enright Productions

"High, Low! Brought to you by Ford, maker of America's favorite station wagons and the Ford dealers of your community! High Low the fascinating game where a contestant… gambles to match his knowledge against any one of our three panel members. And now, here's our host for High Low, Jack Barry!"

High Low was a short-lived, three-month primetime poker game show.


One contestant, stationed in an isolation booth, competed against a three-member panel of celebrities in a test of knowledge inspired by the game High-Low Poker. On his or her first appearance, the contestant was staked $500 of betting money. Barry posed a question containing multiple answers to both the contestant and the panel. Each member of the panel would secretly bid on how many correct answers he or she could give to the question. The panel, studio audience, and home audience could see the bids, but the contestant could not due to the way the booth was situated.

After being told the amount of the "high" bid, the contestant would be given a choice:

  • To double his/her winnings by matching the undisclosed "lowest" bid.
  • To triple his/her winnings by matching the disclosed "high" bid.

After making his/her choice, the contestant's booth was turned off and the corresponding panelist attempted to complete his/her bid. Once the panelist successfully completed his/her bid, the contestant's booth was turned back on. The contestant had to then give as many correct answers as the panelist gave. If the contestant successfully matched the panelist, he or she won the game and the champion's winnings were multiplied accordingly. The contestant also earned the right to return on the next show to decide whether to play another game or walk away with his/her winnings; if at any point a contestant failed to match the panelist's bid, the contestant lost the game and departed with 10% of all previous winnings.

Contestants could continue playing with their current winnings for up to five games (for maximum possible winnings of $121,500). At that point, if the contestant decided to try for a sixth game, he or she started a new set of five games with another $500 stake. Contestants remained on the show until they walked away, or were defeated.


Paul Taubman


NBC Studio 6A, New York City, NY

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