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Syndication (Daily): 6/18/1990 – 8/17/1990
Barry & Enright Productions

"Welcome to the program that reveals via hidden or not-so hidden camera, the virtues and foibles of people. Our generosity, our gullibility, our integrity, our greed, our compassion, and everything else we're blessed or afflicted with. Welcome to 30 minutes of surprise and hilarity! Welcome to Hold Everything! And now, let's welcome our host, Pat Bullard!"

Hold Everything! was a very short-lived hidden camera game show.


Three celebrities competed in this Summer snooze-fest. They were shown a series of hidden camera activities set up by the staff, and it was their job to predict and learn how average people react. Correct answers scored points while incorrect answers lost points (though their score never go below zero). The star with the most points received $1,000 for his/her favorite charity.

Later in the show's brief run, after Bruce Jenner showed a flaw in the original scoring, the rules were changed so that every point earned $100 for the celebrities' charities.


Santa Fe Communications, Burbank, CA


Hold Everything! was one of two game shows done in the Summer of 1990 by Barry-Enright, the other being All About the Opposite Sex. Both shows lasted a mere nine weeks.

This was the last of three game shows where the main premise was guessing the outcome of a "hidden camera" video. The first two were All About Faces and Anything for Money.


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