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Bert Parks
Janice Gilbert
Johnny Olson
NBC Primetime: 1/22/1957 – 4/2/1957
Wolf Productions

Hold That Note was a short-lived music game show.


Two contestants competed. A song was played, and a counter of at most 25 notes would begin to count down; this number varied per song. Whoever buzzed in had 10 seconds to guess the song. If correct, they would add $50 times the number the counter stopped at into a pot. Whoever guessed three songs in a row won the pot, while the loser received 10% of the pot as a consolation prize.

Once per show, Bert himself would sing a song, and then ask a question about it. Both players answered collectively, and a correct answer added $500 to the pot.

Champions played until defeated; following game show rules of the time, if a champion played and lost, the opponent's winnings would be removed from the champion's total (although defeated champions could leave with no less than half of their winnings to that point). So before meeting a new challenger, the contestant could choose to stop and retire with their winnings.


Ziegfeld Theater, New York City, NY


Hold That Note was a midseason replacement for Break the $250,000 Bank, also hosted by Bert Parks. The latter show's "Hall of Knowledge" set, including various statues and a bookcase, was also used for this series.

YouTube Videos[]

A full episode from March 26, 1957