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These are the many products/merchandise/goods that were brought to us due to the success of Hollywood Squares.

Board GamesEdit

Watkins-Strathmore issued the first two editions based on the Marshall era in 1967.

Ideal issued their version in 1974 with a picture of Peter Marshall on the cover. A similar-looking board game based on the UK version called Celebrity Squares was released by Buckingham Toys five years later in 1979, with a picture of Bob Monkhouse on the cover.

Milton Bradley issued two editions: The first one was released in 1980 based on the Marshall era; while the second one was released in 1986 based on the Davidson era.

Parker Brothers released their version based on the Bergeron era in 1999.

Mobile GamesEdit

Sonic Branding Solutions (now Sonic Boom Inc.) issued two editions for cell phones; the original version was released in 2005, with appearances by Penn & Teller, Issac Hayes, Joan Rivers, Gilbert Gottfried, Pat Morita, Brad Garrett, David Hasselhoff and more. Then a "Hip Hop" edition was released in 2006, with appearances by Method Man, Redman, Bizarre from D12, Trina, Biz Markie, Cee-Lo (Green), Pitbull, Teairra Mari and many more.

Video GamesEdit

Games released for MS-DOS, Commodore 64, Apple II and the NES based on the 1986-89 Davidson era were made by GameTek from 1988 to 1989. (The photo of the set on both the computer and NES versions is from the 1985 pilot, as the actual show had no gold stars on the studio floor and more elaborate risers for the cars.) Much like the TV series, winning one of the first two games is worth $500, while the third game is worth $1,000. The second game is always the "Secret Square" round for a trip. The winner goes to the bonus round where they have to choose one of the five keys and insert it into the proper car among the five offered.

Games released for the PC, Nintendo Wii, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and PlayStation 3's PSN based on the 2002-04 H2 era were made by Ludia from 2010 to 2011, featuring the voice of host Tom Bergeron with video clips of celebrities Brad Garrett, Kathy Griffin, Jeffrey Tambor and Martin Mull as the center squares. Nintendo Wii, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Playstation 3's PSN versions all have multiplayer options (except the PC version, where you are only Player X in the game). Much like the 2003-04 season, each of the three games are worth $1,000. The second game is always the "secret square" round for a bonus $1,000. The winner of the best two out of three games goes to the bonus round where Tom asks each celebrity a question while the player has to correctly either agree or disagree with their answer in order to remove one of the wrong keys from the pool of nine (the actual show had a contestant select a celebrity by correctly either agreeing or disagreeing statements about them). Then the player had to choose a key that will open a chest in order to win $20,000 in cash, plus a new wardrobe item for their avatar. (NOTE: Plans for a Nintendo DS version was going to be released by them, but currently it hasn't as of now.)

Handheld GameEdit

In 1999, Tiger Electronics released a LCD handheld game based on the Bergeron era[1][2][3].

Online GameEdit

In 2002, their official website had an online version of the show using celebrities that were on that particular week, as well as a download of the theme song. GSN also had their own Interactive online game at some point as well.

Slot Machine GamesEdit

Since 2002, WMS Gaming has released eight video slot machines based on the show including: The Center Square (2002), Prize Spin (2003), Premiere Night (2003), Center Star Wild (2004), Tour of Stars (2004), Autograph (2005), One For The Money (2005) and One For The Fans (2005).


Popular Library made two quiz books based on the Marshall era. called "Zingers from the Hollywood Squares" (not to be confused with the record album of the same name) in 1974 and "More Zingers from The Hollywood Squares" in 1978. Both of the books were a collection of questions from the show, along with joke answers from celebrities including regulars like Paul Lynde and Charley Weaver. While the humor was emphasized, the correct answers to the questions were also included.

Rutledge Hill made an autobiography called "Backstage with The Original Hollywood Square" by Peter Marshall, where it was in addition to behind-the-scenes stories from the classic show, including the original 1974 recording album "Zingers from The Hollywood Squares" in Compact Disc form with the book.

Record AlbumEdit

Event Records produced an album called "Zingers from The Hollywood Squares" in 1974, as a collection of questions and gags that were recorded from the show. It was re-issued to go along with Peter Marshall's autobiography, "Backstage with the Original Hollywood Square" in 2002.


Three issues of the "Hollywood Squares Quiz & Contest Book" came out from 1979 to 1980. It had features on the celebrities from the show, a look behind the scenes and a series of quizzes. (NOTE: The first of three issues was dated in August of 1979, extremely rare (especially the November 1979 and January 1980 issues); these are valued by collectors.)

Collection PlatesEdit

Clearly, when this fad hit its peak in the late '70s, they just ran out of ideas for the subject matter. Several of these plates were planned; the only ones that appear to have been released featured the likeness of host Peter Marshall and semi-regular George Gobel.


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