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ABC Pilot: 1/17/1976
ABC Daytime: 7/12/1976 – 10/22/1976
Merrill Heatter-Bob Quigley Productions

Hot Seat was a short-lived game show where people had to figure out which negative responses were lies.


Two married couples played against each other one at a time. One of the spouses had to try and guess what the other would say when asked a round of three questions.

The spouse sitting in the "hot seat" would have their emotions measured by an electronic GSR (galvanic skin response) device. Each question would have two choices. The player at the podium would select one answer and the spouse would respond to each choice with a negative response. The arch above the "hot seat" would feature a meter which indicated which answer was more of a lie; the answer that was the most true (the one which had the most lights lit up) was considered the correct answer.

The three questions were worth $100, $200, and $400. The couple with the most money at the end of the show could take either an additional $500 or answer one final question for a prize package. Whichever option was not chosen went to their opponents.


The pilot was played the same as the series with the exception of the bonus round: the husband sat in front of a turntable, while the wife saw the lie-detector reactions in another isolation booth. The husband would be shown three prizes (in this case, a washer/dryer combo, an expensive sports car, and a cheap iron with ironing board), and had to say "No, I would not like that prize." for each one. After the husband's third reaction, the wife chose which prize the couple would win.

However, there was a twist: namely, the third prize was modeled by a young lady wearing a bikini. The wife, unaware of this and only seeing that the lie detector had shot to the very end of the scale for the third prize, chose it (again, based on her husband's reaction, which had clearly lied about not wanting the model). After the wife came out of the booth, she screamed in agony upon seeing what the show had done.


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Stan Worth

Open – "Bumpity-Bump #2"
Close – "Bumpity-Bump #3"


Merrill Heatter & Bob Quigley


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ABC Television Center, Los Angeles, California


Both Hot Seat and Family Feud (Dawson) aired on ABC on July 12, 1976.

Hot Seat is the last Heatter-Quigley production to air on a network other than NBC until 1985.

The sound effect used to turn off the booth in the series is later used as the bonus word reveal sound on Wordplay.

On Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (or Millionaire for short) had a term for the contestant's chair also called the "Hot Seat" where they have to answer questions in order to win the cash.

The term "Hot Seat" was also used on the GSN show Baggage hosted by Jerry Springer.

An active and currently rotating pricing game on The Price is Right (Carey) called "Hot Seat" premiered in 2016.


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