Jon Taffer
Expert Chefs
John Besh
Tiffany Derry
Hungry Investors
Spike: 5/4/2014-9/14/2014
Eyeworks USA

Hungry Investors (or with the dollar sign in the title as Hungry Investor$) is a reality competition show where famed bar rescue owner Jon Taffer teams up with acclaimed celebrity chef and author John Besh and Top Chef All-Star Tiffany Derry to seek and help out "Diamond-in-the-Rough" falling restaurants to meet their potential.


Each week, the "Hungry Investors" team puts two struggling restaurants to the test to prove they deserve a second chance at success. The enterprise that shows the most promise of turning things around earns a significant cash investment. Both establishments seek to prove to the expert team that the only thing keeping them from financial fortune and success is finding an investor who believes in them.


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