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Jack Narz
Roy Mitchell
KTLA Primetime: 5/28/1964 – 8/27/1964
NBC Daytime: 3/29/1965 – 9/24/1965
Ralph Andrews/Bill Yagemann Productions

"This is (insert name and occupation). He's been married for (insert number) years to (insert name). This is (insert name). She's been married for (insert number) years to (insert name). And hello there. My name is Jack Narz. The name of our game, I'll Bet!"

I'll Bet was a short-lived game show where celebrity couples bet on how their spouse would answer a series of questions.


Two celebrity couples played the game. Prior to taping, one member of each couple drew a name of whom they were playing for, but only the TV station of where that person watches the show was revealed until the end.

A separating wall slid out from the wall and divided the couple so they could not see what the other bet. One half of the couple was told what the question was through an earpiece. Afterward, he/she made a bet anywhere from $10–$100 on whether their partner could answer the question or not (the decision was made by pulling a lever which either lit up the phrase "CAN" or "CAN'T" next to the wager). Narz then read the question to the other half of the couple. A correct bet added the wager, but an incorrect bet deducted the wager. Couples & the spouses from those couples took turns betting & answering; starting with the women betting on their husbands then the men bet on their wives, and so on & so forth.

The first couple to score $200 won the game, but if a couple scored -$200 the opposing team won the game.


Rex Koury


NBC Studios, Burbank, CA

Episode status[]

I'll Bet is rumored to be wiped, much like all NBC daytime shows of the period. One episode, with guest stars Richard Long and Beverly Garland, circulates among collectors as a black-and-white kinescope. A color episode from September 6, featuring Denise Darcel and Robert Culp, was discovered in February 2009.


I'll Bet was revived in 1969 as It's Your Bet. Jack Narz's brother Tom Kennedy was the third host for that show.


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Rules for I'll Bet

YouTube Videos[]

Gameplay from the surviving kinescope episode
Gameplay from the surviving color episode