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CBS Daytime: 6/15/1953 – 7/2/1954
Peter Arnell Productions

I'll Buy That was a short-lived daytime game show in which four celebrity panelists tried to identify items submitted by home viewers.


A celebrity panel attempted to identify unseen objects brought to the show by civilians. These people were asked to write in about something they would like to bring to the show to sell. The item was shown to the audience, but not to the panel. The panel then asked the guest up to 30 questions to help them learn the identity of the item. Similar to What's My Line?, each question asked raised the purchase price of the item from a minimum of $5 up to $150. As soon as the panel identified the item, the contestant received the purchase price and a chance to triple it by correctly answering three questions.


This was one of several quiz shows hosted by Mike Wallace, who would later go on to anchor the long-running CBS news magazine show 60 Minutes in the 1960s.

The celebrity panel for the show's first week on the air was comprised of Vanessa Brown, Hans Conried, Audrey Meadows, and Albert Morehead.


CBS Studio 60, New York City, NY


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