Ryan Stout
Idiot Quest
Unsold Pilot for MTV: Early 2007
MTV Productions

"Our contestants are the dumbest we could find. But only one of them is the perfect idiot! Says eggs come from eggplants. Thinks Lance Armstrong walked on the moon. Believes you play water polo on sea horses."

IQ: Idiot Quest (along with the initials "IQ" in the title) was an unsold game show pilot for MTV where people are quizzed on general knowledge. The major difference is that money is awarded for getting the question wrong instead of right. To make sure the players aren't deliberately giving out wrong answers while they know the correct one, the players are hooked up to lie detectors, thus making sure that the players actually don't know the right answer.

Round 1Edit

This round has three women answering trivia questions for $100 apiece. The one with the highest score moves on to the Jackpot Round at the end of the show.

Round 2Edit

Same as round 1, but with men playing.

Jackpot RoundEdit

The bonus round with the winners from the previous two rounds facing off.

Set PicsEdit

Theme Song LyricsEdit

I haven't got a clue.
and you know what,
neither do you.
This is a quest,
and Idiot Quest.


Idiot Quest Set Pics @ D Before E, Inc.

YouTube LinkEdit

Clip of the pilot

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