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MTV: 6/10/2002 – 8/30/2002

"It's I Bet You Will, the show that proves people will do anything for money."

I Bet You Will was a short-lived game show that aired online, then on MTV.


The host gathered a random member from a group gathered around him/her on the street, at the beach, or a college campus, then presented a stunt/dare to everyone and told the contestant how much money it would be worth. If the contestant was not satisfied with the amount of money, the host usually raised the bet. As soon as the bet came to an agreement, the player did the stunt/dare. If he/she did it correctly, the money was awarded to the player. If not, the player earned no money except what was in a "pity jar". If the contestant did not agree to the bet, the host would ask someone else in the audience for a stolen bet.


Tim Brennan
Joe DeVito

International Versions[]

This show also had versions Mexico and South America on VH1. It also had its own Russian produced counterpart called Давай на спор with separate hosts. 

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