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Monty Hall (one pilot)
Dean Goss (other pilot)
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Unsold Pilots: 9/1987
Ron Greenberg Productions/Viacom

I Predict was an unsold show where "the ability to predict tomorrow's humorous headlines will pay off handsomely".

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Main Game[]


The host would give a toss-up question to three contestants. The "answer" was printed on a card in his possession. For example, Hall would ask a question such as, "I'm thinking of a brand of wristwatch." The three contestants would ring in and each one would answer the question (in this case, Rolex) in the order in which they rang in. If a contestant's answer was incorrect, the control passed to the next contestant. If the third contestant answered incorrectly, control passed back to the first person, and so on. This went on until the correct answer was spoken.

Headline Puzzle[]

When a contestant correctly predicted what Monty was thinking, he or she was given a clue to a made-up headline. If correct, the contestant received $300. If not, another toss-up was played, with the second added clue being worth only $200, and $100 if all three clues were revealed.

The first person to reach $1,000 won and received the privilege to play the bonus round.

Bonus Round (Quick Predictions)[]

The winning contestant was shown seven clues with a word missing from each one. He/she received 30 seconds to fill in all seven of the blanks. If the contestant was successful once, $5,000 was awarded. If the contestant was successful twice (that is, if he/she won the right to play the bonus round again in another episode), $10,000 was awarded. If the player couldn't fill in all seven before time ran out, $100 was awarded for every blank filled in correctly.


Future contestant coordinator Laura Chambers appeared in one of the pilots.

YouTube Link[]

The 1987 pitchfilm