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Scott Lasky
SPEED Channel: 2004
High Five Entertainment

I Wanna Date a Race Car Driver was a short-lived reality dating series where it offer contestants a chance to win a date with a professional racer.


Fans from across the country have been sending in three-minute videos explaining In whatever manner they choose, why they deserve a chance to date a racer. From those tapes (and tapes recorded a multiple times) drivers and a small group of their friends, family members, crew members or someone else of their choosing will select four contestants. As these contestants will then compete for a date.

Each show consist of three outrageous events that determine the overall winner. Events will be developed based on the driver's "wish list" of what he or she is looking for in a potential date. The contestant's ability to complete and win these events will determine who goes on a date however, additional scoring twists could be added later on.


The show disappeared from the lineup in the late summer of 2004, never to return again.


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